Esp32-lora-1-channel - Backend/semtechudp: could not handle packet

Hello, we installed ChirpStack 4 instead of the original version 3. But I have a problem that my gateway does not work.

…" level=info msg=“integration/mqtt: publishing event” event=stats qos=0 topic=gateway/2c3ae8ffff45101d/event/stats
… level=error msg=“backend/semtechudp: could not handle packet” addr=“” data_base64= error=“gateway: at least 4 bytes of data are expected”

Note that single-channel gateways are very problematic in general. In your case it seems it is not sending the data in the correct format as specified by If you are able to make it communicate, you will run into many other issues (single channel, single data-rate, …).

Instead of wasting time on this, I would recommend buying a SX1301 /2 /3 Raspberry Pi concentrator shield as these are an affordable way to getting started with LoRaWAN.

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Hi, it wasn’t a mistake. The error is still there. I put version 3 then version 4 again and the only problem was that I didn’t have MQTT set correctly (eu868/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/event/{{ .EventType }}") I was missing eu868.

I have a LoRaGo DOCK on my barracks for 5 years and I make small lora sensors myself with a small flashlight and a solar panel and it works beautifully even on a 1 channel gateway. But I’m sure in time, when my current one runs out or I want more comfort, I’ll switch to multichannel :slight_smile:

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