ESP32 LoRa v3 downlink ACK

Hi, I am trying to send downlinks to an ESP32 v3 LoRa in class-C. In the web interface i can see downlinks arriving, but the ack packet has always acknowledged:false. I have set Class-C confirmed downlink timeout *: 2 seconds in the device profile but also setting for example 5, it doesn’t works anyway. What could be the problem? Thank you in advance.

Downlinks can be either confirmed downlink or unconfirmed downlink.

If unconfirmed downlink, there will be no acknowgement back to server.

Which LoRaWAN library are you using for your ESP32?

Please note that this means that your Class-C device must acknowledge confirmed downlinks within 2 seconds, that is not much time. I would set this at least to 15 seconds, if not more. Please also check your application implementation. It is important to know when your device will respond to confirmed downlinks.