ESP32-Paxcounter - error UnconfirmedDataUp

Hello, someone already use the project with loraserver, because I configured node for cayenne LPP and loraserver cayenne LPP, but giving error, which can be?


the paxcounter is not using the Cayenne LPP, this is the Low Power Payload used for many nodes.
The paxcounter provides its own decoder, which you have to include as a custom java code function.

I think you have to adapt the code a little since ttn and loraserver youse different names for the input variables. I will try it as well and let you know.

Hi, this isn’t quite correct.

You can use LPP with PaxCounter, you just have to set the configuration variable in src/paxcounter.conf:

#define PAYLOAD_ENCODER                 3       // payload encoder: 1=Plain, 2=Packed, 3=Cayenne LPP dynamic, 4=Cayenne LPP packed

Having said that, if you want to use the Javascript (it’s not Java!) custom function, you’ll need to rename the function itself to Decode instead of Decoder, and switch the arguments around, so the first line becomes:

function Decoder(bytes, port) {

Even having made all of those changes however, it seems that the only data that is transmitted is the wifi count, not the battery/GPS/etc.

I’m working on trying to fix this on my local setup, once it’s working I’ll publish what I did.