EU868 DR6 SF7/250 and ADR

Hello @brocaar

We were checking LoRaWAN specification and were wondering if loraserver ADR sets DR6 to any device.
I think that we tried this some time ago and DR6 works but ADR never sets DR6 to devices automatically.

Is there any reason for this behaviour? As we don’t see any prohibition in the specification, and sending with twice the datarate seems a good thing.


If I remember correctly why this decision was made, this is because DR6 would put your device on a single channel instead of hopping over 8 (or 16) channels.

Yes that is true, DR6 is Monochannel but is double speed rate and don’t think that propagation would be that good.

We have been testing for a few days now and seems that gateway discovery can work in DR6, did not test devices yet, but I guess that if we force them (ABP mode or OTAA with Max/Min DR6 or just activating this channel) would work.
Will server answer with the same DR?

Yes, when the device is using DR6, LoRa Server will respond using DR6 (given that you didn’t re-configure the DR offset). Note, the same holds true when using DR7 (using FSK modulation).

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