Evaluation adn demo lab

We are going to evaluate LoraServer solution. So we need small compatible environment for testing. Sensor, gateway and LoraServer. LoRa server is installed and ready. Can you recommend sensor (e.d. smoke detector or similar) and gateway to create "plug and play demo lab.
Thank yu in advance,

Basic RF95W + arduino : works (~40€)

RN2483 + arduino : not tested (~40€)

TTN node : not recommanded (mine is bricked) (60€ if I remember)

Or use one of the PyCom LoRaWAN devices with a PySense or PyTrack shields. You’ll find code examples here: https://github.com/brocaar/pycom-examples. The output is in Cayenne LPP format so it can be directly decoded by LoRa App Server :slight_smile: