Events Timestamp Anomaly (ChirpStack v4)

Hello everyone, first time posting so please let me know if I’m missing anything.

I have been testing ChirpStack v4 with a device on hand. I’m able to set up Basic Station (with TLS) all the way up to ChirpStack. However, I am noticing some weird timestamps that happens from time to time. I am able to reproduce this bug whenever I restart the server (i.e. through docker compose down → docker compose up), and then start up the device again.

I have the following screenshots attached. Notice that I am testing this during the month of September 2021, but I am seeing some events that is from August (08-30) even though it just happened.

Perhaps your gateway has not synced its time after booting by the time the first payload is forwarded? This assumes fake_rx_time=true.

Looking at the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge config file, fake_rx_time seems to be just an option for [backend.semtech_udp]. I am using Basic Station, if I understand correctly, this setting shouldn’t matter.

I also checked on my Cisco LoRaWAN gateway, I am using an NTP server and it is completely synced and showing the proper time.


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