Everynet brings carrier-grade coverage to all ChirpStack users (early access program)

Hi all,

My name is Vitaly Kleban and I am the CTO of Everynet – coverage as a service provider.

“Coverage as a service” means that we let customers bring their own network servers and connect them to our carrier-grade coverage in several countries, including the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, the UK, Ireland and more.

On top of our existing coverage Everynet has easy access to more than 100K towers worldwide and is ready to deploy coverage on-demand and do it faster than customer can deploy devices :slight_smile:

Together with Orne Brocaar we’re working towards bringing our coverage to all ChirpStack users in Q1 2023.

Everynet has implemented middleware to connect existing Chirpstack installations. It supports all ChirpStack features, device classes, multicast, etc. This is the easiest way for most customers to proceed. The code and documentation can be accessed on a GitHub repository “ran.routing.chirpstack” (no link allowed, sorry).

Today we’re happy to announce an “early access program” for selected participants that are happy to test our product and provide valuable feedback.

You will be given free access to our coverage (till the end of the early access program) in one of the following countries of your choosing: the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, the UK or Ireland.

Please fill in this form if you are interested to know more or participate: https://forms.gle/4CiPfTRbSmNyqgao9

I am happy to answer any questions in this thread or in PM as well.

Please feel free to connect with me:

Thank you!


Hi all, I see some applications coming and planning to reach out to applicants by the end of the next week at latest.

Thank you very much for participating!

Thanks for the new enrolments.

Our field operations are based out of Austin.
Here is our coverage there…

Which city you might be interested in?

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Great place to be! :sunglasses:


Everynet integration is available both for ChirpStack v4 and ChirpStack v3.

The source code of the middleware is available here:

:tokyo_tower:The integration basically acts like a “virtual gateway” with an insane coverage, while all message filtering and scheduling is performed on Everynet side.

P.S. I’ve contacted everyone who decided to participate in a program and hope to see you all next year. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:. Drop me a note if you have not received message from me for some reason.

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Hi, thanks for Chirpstack integration.

On the screenshot you share, I see 3 main colors. I think blue for no coverage, yellow good signal and the green is has coverage but not a perfect signal. Am I right ? And are these colors representing the lorawan gateway coverage or not ?

And on your website, I saw 7-8 countries currently. Do you increasing the country count and how ? For example how fast do you increase your gateway count on a city ?

Thank you, best regards.

Hi, thank you for the question…

That is correct: the colours represent coverage installed and maintained by Everynet.
You’re also almost right on the colours: blue is “primarily outdoor coverage”, others are correct.

We can provide network densification in the countries where we currently operate as we have an instant access to tower infrastructure. On the deployment speed it’s typically much faster than customer can deploy devices as we have >350 deployment teams worldwide…

Hi Vitaly,
are you planning to expand to Switzerland, Austria or Germany anytime soon? And are you planning to augment the service with GeoLocation features?

Hi Ben,

We do not have any plans to expand to the countries you mentioned. I am sure that Swisscom can offer you an excellent service in Switzerland.

You could definitely use some geolocation features of the network, or just use LR1110 based devices to have much more precision and extremely small power footprint…


Hello, I found this opportunity today and signed up, anxiously waiting for a space in Brazil. Thank you vkleban, thank you Brocaar for the beautiful work

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Hi Mario, can’t find your application. Can you drop me a note on LinkedIn?

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