Everything seems ok, but I still cannot see the raspberry pi gateway on cloud server

Just as the packet forward screenshot shows.

Here is the output of sudo journalctl -u chirpstack-gateway-bridge -f -n 50.

Please take a look at https://www.chirpstack.io/project/guides/connect-gateway/. It contains various troubleshooting steps.

Sorry, sir, but I am really confused with one thing: What is the real difference between ChirpStack Gateway Bridge is installed on the gateway itself and ChirpStack Gateway Bridge is installed on a server?
I install the bridge on both gateway and the cloud server, but I do not know if I have to run the bridge on both sides or just one side at the same time.

I checked sudo tcpdump -AUq -i lo port 1700, and there is no localhost.34268 transportation

the difference described here https://www.chirpstack.io/project/architecture/

Thanks a lot. I will go through the picture.