Execute js error: execution timeout


With app server 3.14.0, I have been beeing seeing “type”:“UPLINK_CODEC”,“error”:“execute js error: execution timeout” when using a complex js codec that uses a base64 to hex convertor. The codec has been tested running in VSC on a PC and functions correctly with data coming from application/1/device/70b3d58ff10183ce/event/up.

There was some talk in another thread sometime ago about making the js codec timeout configurable, did this happen?

Any help would be gratefully received.

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  # JavaScript codec settings.
  # Maximum execution time.
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Thanks and wow, that was quick, do I just have to add that into chirpstack-application-server.toml?

Thanks again.

Yes, that is correct :slight_smile: See: https://www.chirpstack.io/application-server/install/config/.

Thanks ever so much.