Explicit change region registered under the same common name on the fly


I have a testing case where i want to switch around in which datarates and rx delays I use on the fly, and discovered the region configuration files. But i have not seen an option to change which region is active under the EU868 without changing in the chirpstack.toml and if I use that approach I will need to restart the server which is a problem for me.

What I would like to end up doing is:
Join, use DR0 without ADR and RX delay1 = 12 sec → Then change and: Join, use DR5 without ADR and RX delay1 = 1 sec.

This is just an example but to summarize I would like to switch network settings on the fly and have full control over which region file it uses. Is there any way to do that?

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I think what you could do is define two EU868 regions, e.g. eu868_0 and eu868_1 (like the us915_0, us915_1 …), each with their own configuration and own MQTT topic prefix.

Then by switching the topic prefix on which the gateway publishes, you can switch the configuration. If you are using a simulator, then you can just change the topic to which you are publishing to. Else you will need to use two gateways or change the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge MQTT topic configuration if you want to change the configuration context.


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