Export/Import nodes' configuration


Is there any plan to export/import the nodes’ configuration (EUI, AppKey, application, profile, etc…) so it can be exported and loaded back in case of necessity? Same thing for Gateways.

GUI functionality is not necessarily needed, perhaps could be done by sql export from db directly?

thanks all

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Didn’t you find anything from grpc API?

I can see there being value in export functionality that covers both Postgres and Redis data, and restores them all to a consistent state.

Thanks Julien for the hint. I am checking that


I’m trying to work with REST API. But generating a token via myloraserverIP:8080/api/internal/login is giving:

“Method Not Allowed”

Is it not supported anymore? Tried from Firefox and Chrome

I’m on version:
loraserver - 2.6.0
lora-app-server - 2.5.1
lora-gateway-bridge - 2.7.1


Ok. I managed to use the https://jwt.io/ to generate the token and authentication works. When I put the JWT into the REST API JWT field in the top right corner.

Then try the [ApplicationService] API. It does give me the total count of the applications, but the result is empty. same happens if f.eg I list the Gateways, API gives the number of results/GWs, but actual gateways’ data is empty. Is that an expected behavior?

Response Body

  "totalCount": "1",
  "result": []

You are missing the ?limit=X (where X is the max. number of items you would like to get returned).

Hi Brocaar, it worked. setting limit parameter returns now the actual data. Many thanks. I believe this case can be closed.