External Gateway on ChirpsTack Gateway OS

Certainly! Here’s an improved version of your question for the forum:

Hi everyone!

I recently installed the Full version of ChirpStack Gateway OS on my Raspberry Pi following the instructions from this link: [Raspberry Pi - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation].

My question revolves around the capability to add external gateways to the ChirpStack Network Server (LNS) when it is on the RPI. I successfully installed a HAT gateway on my Raspberry Pi and added it to the LNS without any issues. However, when attempting to add another external gateway, it always shows as disconnected when its added to the CS LNS. To conduct some testing and see if the gateways can indeed connect to the ChirpStack Network Server, I downloaded Docker and ran ChirpStack on my computer. When adding the two gateways there, both appeared as connected.

Do I need to perform any additional configurations on the Raspberry Pi 4 to allow the connection of external gateways, or is it not possible?

Your insights and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!