External Python script from Application

Good Afternoon guys,
Can the Lora Server call external Python script passing entirely the payload from a specific Application?
To cut long story short I have a transmitter, not proper LoRaWAN native, that has a supplementary encryption layer and must be decoded to read data in clear.

Thank you!

If you want to read the datas from end device pushing from lora app server means you have many choices.
MQTT is one option.

user chirpstack_gw
topic write gateway/+/event/+
topic read gateway/+/command/+

user lchirpstackns
topic read gateway/+/event/+
topic write gateway/+/command/+

user chirpstack_as
topic write application/+/device/+/rx
topic write application/+/device/+/join
topic write application/+/device/+/ack
topic write application/+/device/+/error
topic read application/+/device/+/tx
topic write application/+/device/+/status
topic write application/+/device/+/location

user bob
topic read application/123/device/+/+
topic write application/123/device/+/tx

these are the topics can be used.
write application/+/device/+/rx

this link might be helpful https://www.chirpstack.io/guides/mqtt-authentication/#mosquitto-configuration