Factory-preset frequencies not working

We have the following problem.
Our network server is set to only 3 frequencies of EU868 (Enabled_uplink_channels [0, 1, 2] in .toml file).

We purchased a device that runs in ABP and sends packets on all frequencies.
We have added all frequencies to the Device-profile in Factory-preset frequencies (Hz) setting.

On Gateway in section LIVE LORAWAN FRAMES we see all packets (on all freq)
but on Device in section LORAWAN FRAMES we see only packets on 868100000, 868300000, 868500000 frequencies.

Can you help? Or something to advise?

For v3 server, in addition to device-profile frequencies you also have to enable extra channels configuration. See Extra channel configuration in Configuration - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server . Then adjust enabled_uplink_channels=[] accordingly.

That is, the only way out is make changes in configuranion .toml file?

Then all other new OTAA devices will also work at all frequencies((

If you stablished your device to work on three channels only, then it is ok to have all messages in all channels in LORAWAN FRAMES (Gateway window), and only those in the selected channels in the device windows.

I don`t see any problem here, you configured the system in a way and then the behaviour of the system is sequacious.

Please, make it clear which is your problem/question…

The problem is that only three frequencies are allowed in the installation site.

There are no problems with OTAA, authorization passes, the device receives an CHmask - everything is ok.

But we want to make an exception only for this device, which works on ABP, and we cannot reconfigure it to only 3 frequencies or change it to OTAA.

Now I see the problem.

If the device is ABP then it probably does not work with OTAA activation. Their firmware do not allow them to do so.

If the device works with both methods of authentication, then you should configure in a way it works according to your expectations…

So, in conclusion. Make sure your devices supports what you pretend it to do.

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This is not possible. The same configuration will be applied to all devices (OTAA and ABP). If you set 8 factory channels in the device-profile, then ChirpStack will immediately send a mac-command to only enable the first three channels.

The information you enter in the device-profile are the boot parameters, e.g. the parameters that the APB device uses when it boots. If ChirpStack sees differences between the parameters used by the device and the configuration in the .toml file, then it will always bring the device in sync with the .toml file configured parameters.