FactoryPresetFreqs -ABP

What are the FactoryPresetFreqs values given in webUI for ABP if I am using a AS923 Band?

See note under the field:

List of factory-preset frequencies (mandatory for ABP).

Thus the list of frequencies as set by the device vendor when provisioning the device.

Currently , I have set to this value to 0.Since I am not aware about list of frequencies. But even without proper values, I am getting the data from Node.

Is that expected behaviour?

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Would like to also know this, is this is expected behaviour or if an specific value must be set.

Yes, as the device initiates the uplink and the downlink freq. is a function of the uplink. The given frequencies are being used in case there is a channel-plan mismatch, in which case the Network Server will send a channel-mask update to the device (basically a diff of the factory channels vs channels from configuration file).