Failed to start the Application

Hey there to all, I am a new member and very glad to be here.

I am posting because i am facing a problem while i am trying to quick start with the lora components using docker following the link
I also used the script which generates the needed certificates and keys .
After updating the .toml files for each component i am moving to the base docker directory and i hit

docker-compose up

After building the components and running them, while the loraserver tries to connect to the lora-geo-location service using the keys found in the loraserver.toml it fails with the message:

level=fatal msg=“load key-pair error: open certs/lora-geo-server/api/client/lora-geo-server-api-client.pem: no such file or directory”

However the file exists in this directory.

Later also the same thing happens with the appserver when its starting:

level=fatal msg=“load key-pair error: open certs/lora-app-server/api/server/lora-app-server-api-server.pem: no such file or directory”

Also in this case the file exists inside this directory.

In both cases the certs folders are in the same directory that the corresponing .toml file is located.

Thank you in advance Petros.

Sorry just messed up with the files, its fixed

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