Failing to attach payload on downlink

Apologies if this issue has been covered before. I’m having issue with pushing data payloads to the device queue.
I have several docker containers, two of which are …

Home assistant seems to cause a significant amount of i/o requests. This causes the Application server to ignore received MQTT messages, so there is no frmPayload attached to the downlink.
I can confirm that a MQTT message is being sent on the correct topic (application/*appID*/device/*eui*/tx), as I will occasionally get successful payload queuing.
I can also confirm there is no significant delay on the MQTT topic publishing.

  • Has anyone come across a problem like this before?
  • Are there any settings I can modify to help mitigate this problem? I was considering raising the get_downlink_data_delay option in chirpstack-network-server.toml but the higher that value gets the more the chance I miss the end node’s receive windows.
  • What kind of i/o are the Application and Network servers doing?

Thanks for your time.


we have a national network with chirpstack at it’s core. I have been wanting to integrate multiple MQTT brokers via a bridge in Homeassistant, but have been unable to do this.

I was hoping on the other hand that an official Home assistant component (like the TTN one here - could be created?

Unfortunately, I have no experience in this, and have been trying to do so…