Fcnt behaviour in case of rollover

I’m not sure about the behaviour of the chirpstack Network Server in case of uplink fcnt rollover. I know the specification regarding the 32bit full Fcnt and the 16bit LSB transmitted. Performing some practical test with Arduino MKRWAN I have the possibility to set manually the Fcnt and I verified that setting Fcnt = 65535 (last value before rollover) all good, the next round setting Fcnt = 0 NS mqtt message show “Error: Frame reset or rollover” which is correct but the packet isn’t shown in the web frame log. Shouldn’t I see this packet also in the frame log? It seems discarded.

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The frame-log of the device only shows the “authenticated” frames (passing the frame-counter check + MIC check). In the frame-log of the gateway, you will see all the frames (also from devices that are not yours).