Feedback about loraserver upgrade


I would like to write a feedback about a loraserver installation.
Initially, I have a loraserver installed in 2017-06, this loraserver was ok, but, with the new improvement related to the channel management we have decided to upgrade it.

After a failed upgrade on another installation we have decided to not use the automigrate functionnality, but to do a install and migrate thru the APIs the requested devices.

All of our devices are OTAA : it’s interesting to know than OTAA netSkey/appSkey can’t be migrated natually.
To do the migration we have created a seconde device profile in ABP !

  1. create the new device
  2. set the device profile as ABP
  3. migrate the *SKeys, fcounts, devaddr
  4. set the device profile OTAA
  5. migrate the lora-gateway-bridge to the the new server

with this operation the devices did not need to rejoin.

On the new platform, we have activated the 8 channels, and after an applicative downlink requesting the rejoin of the device all of our devices are now using the 5 new channels defined.

An idea about the channel management will be to display a monitoring about the repartition of uplink frequency. This indicator could be interesting to handle lora band saturation. On our case, we have written a python script to watch and display the uplink frequency repartition. if this script has an interest, I can share it.

Feel free to react if you have questions about this migration feedback !