First uplink without payload


I understand my first uplink without payload because my end-node check ADR. Second uplink with payload( Temp,Humidity, etc.). I would like to know why LoRAServer not send ack to end-node for second uplink(Temp,Humidity, etc) of end-node. Could you please advise me?

Given the screenshot (which has frame-counter 214, so it is not the first or second uplink), I don’t see any reason for LoRa Server to acknowledge this as it is an UnconfirmedDataUp message.


My screenshot and my end-node I use to STM32 + SX1276 from Murata.



LoRAServer message

I would like to read message in LIVE DEVICE DATA. Could you please advise me?

Your device does not send any data in the uplink (empty frmPayload), so what do you expect LoRa App Server to show you?

I understand the spec port 0 is for mac commands (up and down link) with no payload(First uplink).
Could you please explain why the second uplink no payload?

This picture show module print status.


I subscribe my gateway and I will show a picture below.

I don’t know. You need to debug your device why it is not sending any payload.

Thank you very much. I already can do it. My issue is code from STM32 when I edit that. I can uplink to LoRAServer.

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Can you please explain why “first uplink without payload is sent by end-node”
In my case this started to happen when I used lora firmware version 1.2.1, previously it was working fine and I was able to get the payload even in the first packet itself.

From the second packet I’m getting the correct payload as expected.