Forward unknown devices to TTN

sorry in case this is somehow explained somewhere…
Is it possible to forward all not registered devices that are received by the network server to the TTN?
You can define in the chirpstack.toml you have


Does this mean that all devices that are known to / registered with this chirpstack instance belong to this net_id / get the mark “net_id=00000” and unknown devices do NOT get this net_id?

In case that is the way it is: then I can use the following section to the chirpstack.toml:

net_id != "000000"  # then I have to say NOT the net id....
server="TTN-server + port" #still have to figure out 

Most probably there is an easy way / other way - have not found it…

Thanks for your help!!!

(So far I am not interested in getting all my nodes somewhere routed to my home network server…)

Private networks, in theory, must use NetID 000000 or 000001.
That means that you need to configure this in your instance first.
Then, in the gateway bridge, you can filter uplinks coming from devices that have a different NetID. It doesn’t mean that they are “registered” (the gateway cannot know that before asking to the NS), it means that you will get only uplinks coming from this NetID.
Of course, this is not useful during the join phase, because NetID is not affected at this stage.
Roaming works if you are using external join server.
I hope this helps.

In general, if you have roaming properly configured, then ChirpStack will validate if the uplink DevAddr matches your NetID. If not, the device is considered a roaming device and ChirpStack will match it against the NetID(s) of the roaming partner(s). If it matches one of the configured NetID(s) (in the roaming configuration), then it will be forwarded to that server.


  • An uplink is received with DevAddr that doesn’t match your NetID
  • It matches the NetID of the TTN roaming configuration
  • Then it is forwarded to TTN
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