Forwarded payloads


I got question about data i recieve from sensors.
My setup is made like this:

  1. Elsys temperature sensors
  2. MikroTik gateway that routes packets to my local computer
  3. Locally setup Chirpstack

My problem is that, i dont recive payload i need from sensor. After forwarding to chirpstack i recive only “App Payload” (shown in MikroTik) after decoding this payload i don’t get sensor data. The payload i need is shown at the bottom of the picture of MikroTik. Is there some lack of configuration and because of that i don’t recieve the needed payload?

Payload is the full LoRa packet including the metadata.
App Payload is extracted from that and contains your sensor data.

If you decode the two:

40 13 81 e6 07 82 02 00 03 04 05
f5 37 74 b9 e0 59 74 d1 0b c7 26 04 9a f5 dd 73 25 2a 08 23 ed 0a
c6 1c 6d 17

app payload:
f5 37 74 b9 e0 59 74 d1 0b c7 26 04 9a f5 dd 73 25 2a 08 23 ed 0a

Hi @Druvis_Cakarnis,

Can you send a screenshot of the Device Data when you receive an Uplink message?

All good now! Thanks!

Basiclly data from sensors was correct.

Steps to get real data:

  1. Read sensor packet (field Data)
  2. Do base64 to hex
  3. Using decoder ( in my example Elsys payload decoder )
  4. See temperature, humidity etc.