Forwarding Payload to PHP Server


We recently purchase a Kerlink IBTS Gateway

I am trying to find out if there is an easy way to have the gateway forward the LoRa payload it receives from the end device to our HTTP PHP Server?

I have configured our HTTP URL under the PUSH section of the cluster but am unsure as to how to specify the payload as a parameter to this URL?

Is this at all possible without having to actually make use of a 3rd party app making API calls using JSON


in your php server, you create a php script that:
receive the json
decode the json
extract the payload

you can’t send just the decrypted payload from the app server.


My Java script and JSON knowledge is a bit limited.

Is there any easy example of how to receive and interprete a JSON object in a PHP Script that I can look at

I am used the parameters being defined after the ? in the URL of the PHP script. Is it different with JSON?

  • you don’t need to put parameters after URL for the JSON.

  • you create a php file on your server “reception.php”.

  • in app server -> integrations -> http :

    uplink data URL => http://your url/reception.php"

reception.php :

   $payload = file_get_contents('php://input');
   $var = json_decode($payload,true);
   $var2 = implode("|",$var);

   $applicationID =$var['applicationID'];
   $applicationName =$var['applicationName'];
   $deviceName =$var['deviceName'];
   $devEUI =$var['devEUI'];
   $data64    = $var['data'];

   foreach($var['rxInfo'] as $value)
	   $gatewayID =$value['gatewayID'];
	   $name =$value['name'];
	   $time =$value['time'];
	   $rssi =$value['rssi'];
	   $loRaSNR =$value['loRaSNR'];

you will receive your your data node encoded in base64, depending how you encode your data in your node, with java script you must do the reverse.

I think you have enough informations to continue :wink:


Thanks for the sample :->

I managed to find similar examples on the net and after playing around with my PHP script I eventually came right


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You can watch my play list to know how to receive data via HTTP :3 . thanks
My playlist :