Forwarding Semtech UDP frames from an external gateway to LoRaWAN server running on ChirpStack Network Server (Pi Zero - Gateway OS)

Good afternoon, all. I have a Dragino LPS8v2 LoRaWAN gateway that I have been trying to configure to decode LoRaWAN frames locally, rather than sending them to a remote server. The gateway is supposed to be hosting its own ChirpStack network server, but I have been unable to configure it to even see the gateway. After reviewing the forums here, this seems to be a common issue with the gateway model and I have started looking at other options.

Currently, I would like to set up the network server on another device, and have chosen a RPi Zero W running the latest version of Chirpstack Bridge OS. However, I am still unable to get the network server to see that the gateway exists. Both my gateway and rpi are on the same network, and I am forwarding UDP frames from the gateway to the address of my Pi assigned by my router. I am able to get into the server UIs via these addresses, and followed the configuration steps in the ChirpStack docs.

I’m just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction here. This seems like something that should not be that complicated to configure, but I have attempted this at many different angles, checked all of the configuration files for the prior version (ChirpStack Gateway Bridge) on my gateway before trying the pi method, and checked all of the configuration options in the Gateway OS environment on my pi, and am still coming up empty.

To be clear, I am not wanting to use the gateway functionality on my Pi. I only want to configure the environment to receive Semtech UDP frames from my external gateway on the same network.


Have you taken a look at the logs of the gateway bridge? You need to increase verbosity before the UDP messages will appear.

What about the logs of the gateway itself? Does it receive the acknowledgements for messages like heartbeat and uplinks?

I am unsure of what you meant by “configure it to see the gateway”. You probably do need to add the gateway to Chirpstack. So did you add it?