FOTA using DISCO-L475VG and latest version of LoRaServer

Hello everyone,

I am working on a project to update a device over LoRa. I have followed the very well documented example (thanks Jon):

My first trial was to use the test loraserver and the logs can be checked in the image attached, I have the feeling that only messages on port 15 are being handled by the test server. However messages related to port 202, 201… necessary for starting the multicast session previous to the FUOTA are not being logged in the output.

As a trial, I have configured the LoRa server multicast group and Firmware update job in the server so that I am “replacing” this test script: with the new functionalities of LoRaServer. However I am receiving this error after setting up the firmware job for my device: (left side of the image)

If someone can have an idea of what can be going wrong with my attempt of performing FOTA it would be much appreciated the help.

Thanks in advance,

Hi teresama,

I got problem like you. now, i still can’t solved it. if you can please tell me

Thanks & Regards,