Frame counter error downlink


I’m sending Downlink message from Chirpstack application. But I’m getting the “Frame Counter did not increment” error as shown. I’ve disable the Frame Counter. My device is ABP. Any advice?

You are getting the error because the uplink frame did not have an incremented frame-counter. This is not related to your downlink.

How I want to resolve this issue?

it’s fully depends on your device.

It is a common issue with ABP devices. When they powercycle the fCnt is reset to 0. Therefore the NS rejects these frames (as it should). Ideally your device must persist the fCnt in memory during a power-cycle. Or use OTAA.

Additional question.

According to the device manufacturer, the Downlink Frequency depends on the Uplink sent. For example, once the uplink is sent using 922.4Mhz, the downlink will be 922.4Mhz as well. The gateway is configured to AS923 with 8 difference channel, which means there are 8 possible channels for downlink as well.

In Device Profile how I want to configure the RX2 channel frequency? Because currently, I’m having problem with Downlink. The “ack” is false after txack.

Thank you.

@Azwan_Ramli did you manage to solve the problem ?

Hi @brocaar, I observed this behaviour in OTAA devices as well. Why does the end-device transmits the same uplink frame with a gap of 1-2 seconds between them.

Is this because of the end-device transmissions or does the gateway receives the reflected uplinks with same Frame count?

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