Frequency issue-868.1,868.3,868.5

Hi ,

I have an issue with the data reception at the server. My arduino lmic transmits the data in all 8 channels with eu868 configuration ,but im receiveing only three frequencies at the server. 868.1,868.3,868.5 Mhz. The data’s are received with the interval of more than 3 minutes even the transmission interval was set to 30 seconds in the lmic library. Im not receiving the data at following frquencies 867.1,867.3,867.5,867.9Mhz.

Can anyone guide me to activate this frequencies. Im using imst880a+rpi3 gateway installed with ttn-zh/ic880a package. Changed the ip to my locally installed loraserver ip address and port number 1700.

I have also enabled the extra channels in the gateway configuration with the foresaid frequency. But no improvements.

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You must add this fre to loraserver.toml in [network_server.network_settings] part

Great thanks. I have tried and now i can able to see those frequencies.

I would need your help on timing control. My LMIC framework trsnsmits data for every 30 seconds but in my lora server the data’s are received after 1 minute and 5 seconds constantly between the packets. Do u have any idea to solve this.

Also customizing loraserver frontend UI. How can we do that with our logo and required components to be displayed for end user? . I have no idea and no basic knowledge working with grpc . Can you please guide me on that.

Thanks in advance

Did you check Live Lorawan frames:

for any errors?
Maybe yours vm don’t have enough resources and decode drop by timeout.
Or you device send unconfirmed data(Like UDP, not guaranteed delivery).

Unfortunately I don’t know how to customize UI.

Yes my device is sending unconfirmed data up and down. How to make it confirmed up and down. Im using abp mode to send the data from node using lmic framework. I can see the dats in live device data tab but with standard time interval of reception is 1min and 5 seconds but i send data for every 30 seconds.
1 . How to make confirmed data up and down
2. How to make use of gateway discovery . I have two gateways connected to one network server. I dnt see any help or guidance on gateway discovery. How to do it.

Thanks in advance.

How big is your payload in bytes? You need to confirm the transmissions are actually made every 30seconds. Depending on your sketch, it is possible transmit interval is recalculated for large payloads to fit some fair access policy.

Perhaps you could view serial output while the node is running to determine if there is actually a transmission every 30seconds. If that occurs, then look at the live LoraWAN frames on from the gateway interface on Loraserver to confirm if they are received at same interval.

Once you identify where the delay is coming from it becomes easier to get a solution.

Hope that helps.