Full example of chirpstack.toml

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Where can I get the full version of chirpstack.toml, so I know what all the configuration options and default settings are ?

The configuration section on the web (Configuration - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation) points to github as the definitive source, but that only includes the short version which is what you get from apt install, while on the web page itself has a much fuller example, but I’m not sure if I can consider that as definitive / full ?

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If you use the configfile flag, it will print your entire configuration, with all options. I believe you can also pass it it an empty directory to --config to get the defaults.



Have you tried using the option “configfile” in the chirpstack command?

chirpstack configfile > /etc/chirpstack.toml 


Eduardo Bastos

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Yes, that is correct :slight_smile:

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