FUOTA Deployment


We would like to deploy unicast FUOTA thanks to the API you provide but we are stuck at the multicast setup req step.
Indeed, we well receive the REMOTE_MCAST_SETUP_MC_GROUP_SETUP_REQ message coming from network server, and the device answer without error.
And then we do not receive anything …

We use the last version of the Chirpstack servers.

We do not understand some fields of the request /api/devices/{dev_eui}/fuota-deployment, like nextStepAfter, state, …
Other point, we do not know how we can provide file to be transferred by the server.

Best way would be to have some documentation of the API

Our setup bench : Kerlink wirenet station connected to the chirpstack servers

Any help would be very appreciated.

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We’ve been looking at the same thing recently. A little more documentation on the process feels needed. If anyone has written up a walk-through of FUOTA from configuration to sending, I would be eager to read it.

Hello @bconway, I was wondering if you have some new informations about FUOTA Deployement since your last post ?

Thank in advance !

My work on this topic was back-burnered a bit, so it has mostly been research. I’ve found the relevant specs helpful:

This provided a couple usage hints, but note that the repo itself is out of date with current FUOTA support in ChirpStack:

Hi Guys

this is also relevant for a project I am working on, has anyone implemented FUOTA or FOTA successfully over lorawan, with or without the lorawan alliance proposed method?