FUOTA server create Multicast group error: Incorrect length of UUID

I am trying to Create Deployment with Chirpstack-Fuota-server with example code (examples/class_c/main.go).
However it gave me the following error in fuota server:

ERRO[0121] api: fuota deployment error deployment_id=8a947a51-145b-40d5-ad23-92f19e887429 error="create multicast-group error: rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = uuid: incorrect UUID length: "
DEBU[0121] [transport]transport: loopyWriter.run returning. connection error: desc = “transport is closing”

In the example code itself it gives output:

The deployment is created

I did use ApplicationId (which is the same as my Application ID in App server).
I also generated an Organisation API Key with App server web interface, and put it in the token field of chirpstack-fuota-server.toml file.

I cannot find anywhere where I can add or change UUID mentioned in the error message?


The latest chirpstack-fuota-server test-version requires the latest ChirpStack Application Server as the multicast-groups have been refactored. Could you confirm if you have the latest versions installed?

Hi Thanks a lot!
Indeed the version of my application-server is 3.15.0, there is no multicast issue after updating to 3.16.0.
Thanks a lot!