FUOTA server event handler configuration


We received the following error in the application server when implementing a Fuota deployment. We could initiate deployment from Fuota server to application server, however the deployment failed when sending back response from application server to Fuota server. The problem seems to be generated from the configuration of event handler.
Can anyone give us some suggestions?

Logs in Application server

dev_eui=5d118f324dc9737c error=“http request error: Post "": dial tcp connect: connection refused” event_type=up url=""

We run Fuota with docker container, is the ip of docker container of Fuota server, and our Fuota server is running on port 8091.

Our application server HTTP integration setting:

End points
We also tried: http://localhost:8091, http://server ip:8091

Fuota server configuration:

# IP:Port to bind the event handler server to.

Docker container network setting:

“8091/tcp”: [
“HostIp”: “”,
“HostPort”: “8091”
“HostIp”: “::”,
“HostPort”: “8091”

Thank you!

The issue is fixed once we change all the ports into 8091
the config now is:

bind=“docker container ip:8091”

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