FUOTA Server usage for Multicast messaging

Hi, I want to send multicast messages(for like early warning systems) to my devices. I see that Chirpstack Application Server supports Multicast Group Creation and enqueueing multicast messages. But it does not support McGroupSetupReq and McClassCSessionReq required for multicasting (Remote Multicast Setup document).

So can I use FUOTA server implementation just for sending these commands ? I dont need fuota fragmentation commands. Do i need to implement my own “Multicast Server” for this job ?

And also I see a FUOTADeploymentService in Chirpstack REST API. Can I use this service to set up multicast groups and sessions @brocaar ?

That would be the easiest, this application would:

  • Create a multicast group
  • Send McGroupSetupReq and McClassCSessionReq as regular downlinks to the devices
  • Add these devices to your multicast group
  • Once the multicast-session starts, it starts enqueuing multicast downlinks
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We were successfull on testing the server to send multicast commands and devices to receive the commands thanks for your help, now we are able to operate multicast commands.

I edited the chirpstack-fuota-server to just serve as a multicast server. It is sending Multicast GroupSetup commands to the devices when we requested by Fuota Server gRPC API(that we integrated to Application Server REST API). Also I am planning to release this fork on github.

Anyone who is interested: Our devices are Class C so we dont need to send McClassCSessionReq. McClassCSessionReq is for Class A devices to operate on Class C for a while(for multicast).

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