FUOTA server with chirpstack-V4

I wanted to use chirpstack-v4 for my new application, but I need to use fuota-server. I was able to successfully use it with chirpstack v3, but since v4 application id is UUID and not int which breaks fuota server. Is there any plan to update fuota-server to make it available to use with recent chirpstack version?


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I still need to update the FUOTA server application to the ChirpStack v4 API.


Thanks for your reply - until this time I will try to make some improvisation :slight_smile:

Anything new on the update of FUOTA to be compatible with V4?

Not yet, but it is on my list.

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Any way to bump this up your list? Beer perhaps? :beer::stuck_out_tongue:

I would participate in this :smiley: Really urgent for my application :slight_smile:

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