FUOTA support Chirpstack app server v3.13

Hi, I am confused a little bit. My FUOTA doesnt work on app server v3.13 and network server 3.12. I was wondering if it is still supported and integrated into Chirpstack (because later it was split as its own module). On version v3.13, can I still use the integrated FUOTA on web interface or is it necessary to implement the FUOTA server that was later split from the application server?
Thanks in advance.

Different devices implement FUOTA in slightly different ways. By splitting it from ChirpStack users have more freedom in how they want to use FUOTA (which is an application-layer protocol). The ChirpStack FUOTA Server (GitHub - chirpstack/chirpstack-fuota-server: FUOTA server which can be used together with ChirpStack Application Server.) is an example implementation which I did test against the Semtech stack, but can be customized based on how you want to use it.

This might solve your issue, but also there might be an issue in the configured FUOTA parameters or the FUOTA implementation of your device.

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