FUOTA support for LoRa specification 1.0.3

Hello @brocaar and everyone,

let me describe my problem.

Currently I am working on FUOTA using Chirpstack v3. My device is configured with LoRa specification v1.0.3. Joining and sending a payload works like a charm. The problem arises when I try to do a FUOTA with the integrated FUOTA inside Chirpstack v3. There is a tab “Firmware” under “Device” which is used for this. My device receives all unicast messages successfully (McGroupSetup, Firmware setup, McClassSetup, Clock sync.), but when the session starts and the data fragments should be coming in, the device does not receive anything. So normally, my device receives all packets sent by LoRa, raises the interrupt on SX1272. This happens when a unicast to my device or some other DevAddr is received. But when the FUOTA is in progress, it should be sending the data frags on the multicast address. However, no interrupt is triggered. Does anyone know what could be the problem?

I am using a library from Semtech for my end device and it implements LoRa v1.0.3. Everything else is working except receiving the multicast data fragments. On a spectrum analyzer I see something is transmitting in the air, but no interrupt is triggered on my end device like it usually is. I cannot detect any data fragments.

Could it be that LoRa v1.0.3 is not supported with Chirpstack v3 FUOTA (server)?
I lost all ideas and would appreciate if some of you could give me some ideas or a solution if you have encountered the same problem.

Thanks and kind regards,

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To the best of my knowledge, the FUOTA implementation in Chirpstack 3.x works with this device side FUOTA implementation. I don’t think it was used with anything else.

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It seems like the same FUOTA standard (Clock sync., Frag. setup, Multicast setup, etc.) so it should be basically the same, right?

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