FUOTA with missed fragments

As listed in “FUOTA FAQ” / item 10, there is no means for an end-device to request a missing fragment with the proposed protocols. Then, I understood that when “FDS - File Distribution Server” ends to send all fragmented-file to all end-devices, FDS must send a “FragSessionStatusReq” to check if there exists an end-device that missed some fragments, and it is not capable of reconstructing the file. If exists, the FDS needs to start a new FUOTA process and send all fragments again (this process must be repeated until all end devices receive all fragmented-file).

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Is the expected behavior?

Yes, but depending the chosen redundancy, the defragmentation algorithm will be able to reconstruct the missed fragments.

Correctly! If the reconstruction is impossible due to the number of lost fragments, the FDS will send all fragments again, and this process will be repeated until all devices receive all fragments. Thanks for your time and support!