Gateway and Device not detected?

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I’m using the Microchip LoRa Evaluation Suite (Gateway and Sensor/Mote).
I wanted to try it with ChirpStack, so I installed the chirpstack-network-server and chirpstack-application-server on Linux (Debian 10).
I connected the network-server, created the necessary profiles and set everything up (the Device is set to ABP). I did use the Microchip Development Tool to put the settings on both boards (Gateway and Mote).

When I check the “Live LoRaWAN Frames” Display of the Gateway in the ChirpStack Admin interface I do see the Packet.

But the problem is, ChirpStack doesn’t seem to recognize the gateway and the device. The Admin Interface shows for both “Last Seen” as “Never”.

What can I do to ensure detection of the Gateway and Device by ChirpStack?

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It depends from many cases.
firstly check all the parameters at the both sides Chirpstack-server and GW
check the right server IP and port
check IP connectivity to the GW and firewalls
check the date/time inside the GW and in the Chirpstack server

The Microchip gateway contains a bug in the firmware and because of this, the stats messages are not encoded correctly (the timestamp format is wrong). This has been reported some years ago to Microchip and until now, this has never been fixed. Because of this the Last-seen of the gateway will always be “Never”.

However, it should function correctly with uplink / downlink data. As soon as device data is received the device Last Seen should be updated.

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Thank you, both. It’s now working.
I guess it wasn’t working because of multiple factors combined with confusion caused by the mentioned bug that causes Microchip gateways to alway show “Never” in the last seen field.