Gateway and Nodes for my project

Hey! I have project on sea, around 300 - 500 buoys. Every buoy needs it’s own node and there would be gateway on the coast… (300 - 600m no obstacles or just here and there a boat)
I need to send small amounts of data to my web server (so not using things network…).
For example I would have web site running on my machine at home, and when you click on specific button, it would trigger that buoy would send few floats to my web page.

I was thinking like this (feel free to suggest better way of doing it):
-Raspberry Pi 3 with RAK831 for gateway, raspberry would have USB modem for internet
-Every buoy node

Problems and questions:
-Single point of failure
-What Node or Gateway to use?

Really interesting use case.

For nodes, try RN2483 modules ?
For gateway RAK831 or IC880A. Or more expensive “plug and play” solutions.

About the single point of failure. You want to manually trigger the measurement so for me it’s not an issue. You can easily control your gateway before or during the trigger.

Thanks for the reply! Yes it’s quite unique…
I would order RN2483 and RAK831 then and try it out.

And for antennas… there is a lot of topics about antennas, but do you recommend any for this project?
And witch one for nodes and witch one for gateway?

And also, how is it with “Things network” must I go trough it or can I do basic connection to internet via USB modem? And if I can commercially use it then ?

You should ask on The Things Network forum if you have question about it. Here is the LoraServer forum.

LoraServer purpose is to deploy private LoRaWAN Network.
You need nodes, gateway and server.

Server can be hosted in local or over internet. Since you have you own server it wouldn’t be a problem.

LoraServer includes HTTP integration with a full HTTP REST API.

PS : When you know what node you will use, I am interested by what you choose.

Aaa sry, I didn’t know LoraServer is not the same as TTN :smile:

Ok and one last thing…
Do you recommend any pcb’s for RN2483?