Gateway bridge converting ipk file

Hi everyone,

I am using onion omega board.

I built gateway bridge package for mips arch. I have executeable file but i do not know how to use it.

For example i also built packet forwarder package and i copied from my ubuntu machine to onion board using scp command.

is it works same way for gateway bridge package?

i saw that i must convert to ipk package but i don’t know how to convert it.

You need to create a proper ipk package. I think brocaar uses yocto for that, but if you look at

there is the basic structure you need to build IPK, you’ll need to modify according to your deployment-environment.

i am pretty newbie on linux and these type of files. So make me confuse when i look at. where should i start ?

The packing folder inside the chirpstack-gateway-bridge repo use for this purpose is not it ?

Especially packing/vendor/dragino/LG308 has mips architecture so am i but i faced a few errors like below when i run ./