Gateway Bridge Data consumption


We’ve been testing the Chirpstack LoRaWAN Network Server (v 3.10.0) implementation extensively over the past 3 months and are very enthusiastic with the way it works, the ease of use and the stability of it all. Much Kudo’s!!!

However, we see that a gateway with a Chirpstack Gateway Bridge version 3.9.1 is consuming about 2.5GB of data per month, without any LoRaWAN sensors connected to it.

Is there anyone that has similar results and what can be done in order to bring this to the bare minimum?

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Have you dug into the traffic being generated by your gateway? We see negligible traffic form an idle gateway, mostly keep-alives from the various services (packet forwarder, MQTT, etc).

Hi bconway,

Thanks for your swift response. (Can’t be told about my response… :smile:).
We did analyse the gateway logs and can see there are a lot of messages coming from the CGB to the Google Cloud Pub/Sub. Updating the CGB to version 3.9.2 drastically reduced the data usage however.