Gateway Bridge implementation 1-ch Gateway

Dear Chirpstack community,

currently I am developing a sensor network for monitoring and automating an irrigation system.
Our application requires the use of battery-powered gateways (there is only space for small photovoltaic module). As the available concentrator boards are a bit pricey and draw a lot of current (would require huge batteries), I have to make my own gateway. As the gateway has to manage a limited amound of nodes (10-100) and to save energy, I plan to make a single channel gateway. I am aware of the limitations of only 1 channel with frequency channels, data rates… . I plan to manage the nodes with TDMA.

For this project I would like to use the Chirpstack Server. I have searched the forum for similiar projects and checked the documentation. As far as I understood I have to do the following for implementing the Chirpstack Gateway Bridge:

  1. Implement UDP packet forwarder (or basic station)
  2. Implement Chirpstack GW-bridge

At 2) do I have to copy the source code, how the JSON is converted to MQTT? I am not exactly sure yet, what I have to do here and where to look.
My current platform is ESP32 for software development, but I will maybe switch it later to more enegy efficient system.

Thanks in advance for help! I am also open for tips when somebody has a better idea for autonomous gateway.

Best regards,