Gateway Bridge in RG1XX Laird - MQTT connection refused

I am using Lora Server and Lora App server on Raspi 3. I also have a Laird RG1XX gateway which I had configured for TTN, now changed to MQTT forwarder, want to use the inbuilt Lora gateway bridge in RG1XX. In RG1XX interface, I have configured the server to be tcp://localhost:1883.

But I get continuous errors like:

RG1xx293C23 lora user.notice Jun 11 12:09:36 time=“2018-06-12T08:26:36Z” level=error msg=“could not setup mqtt backend, retry in 2 seconds: Network Error : dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused”
RG1xx293C23 lora user.notice Jun 11 12:09:36 time=“2018-06-12T08:26:36Z” level=info msg=“backend: connecting to mqtt broker” server=“tcp://”

What could be the reason?

Ready to give more information.

Thanks much!

Please note that the Laird gateway does have LoRa Gateway Bridge pre-installed, but it does not have a MQTT broker installed. Therefore you must change tcp://localhost:1883 from localhost to the actual hostname / IP of your MQTT broker.

Thanks @brocaar ! That fixed it :slight_smile:

I also have a Laird RG191 gateway. I have used it successfully with TTN (and Laird RS191 sensors), but now want to set up a local server. I changed the RG191 gateway forwarding to MQTT, tcp:// I have mosquitto running on a RPi 3B+ on the same network. I have verified using mosquitto_pub and _sub on the RPi, and also using MQTTBox on a PC on the same network that the mosquitto broker is working. For the gateway forwarding, I do not know what topics to subscribe to, so I don’t know if anything is happening. Does anyone know the topics the Laird RG1xx publishes?

I found an answer in the gateway configuration documentation.

uplink_topic_template="gateway/{{ .MAC }}/rx"
downlink_topic_template="gateway/{{ .MAC }}/tx"
stats_topic_template="gateway/{{ .MAC }}/stats"
ack_topic_template="gateway/{{ .MAC }}/ack"
config_topic_template="gateway/{{ .MAC }}/config"

I subscribed to gateway/#, and I see something happening.