Gateway bridge installation both on gateway and on server


Is it possible to install the lora gateway bridge both on the gateway and on the loraserver ?

Because I deployed a gateway with the LoRa Gateway Bridge and I want add some gateways which will act only as packet forwarder (No OS capabilities) so to authorize the connection between the loraserver my packet forwarder I have to install the lora Gateway Bridge directly in my Debian.

If I install the Lora Gateway bridge on my Debian will the lora gateway bridge installed on my multitech be bypassed?

I I looked in the forum but I didn’t find any answer about it.

Thank you for your help.

Yes, if you manage to make configurations properly.

# Generic MQTT authentication.
    # MQTT server (e.g. scheme://host:port where scheme is tcp, ssl or ws)

gateway+ lora-gateway-bridge : server="tcp://loraserver_ip:1883"
“gateway will communicate with loraserver directly using mqtt between lora-gateway-bridge and loraserver”

lora-gateway-bridge + loraserver: server="tcp://"
"gateway will communicate with lora-gateway-bridge over

udp_bind = ""
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thank you for your reply.

If I well understood

It’s my current configuration I filled out the lora-gateway-bridge.toml like this.

It will be the configuration of the lora-gateway-bridge.toml available on my Debian.


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Yes right,
Try it and check for the logs over your server.

Hope it will be fine.