Gateway Bridge (MQTT)


Just found this picture of the architecture with MQTT from gateway to network server:

This opened my eyes on something very important. Is Gateway Bridge necessary on the cloud/server? We have Chirpstack gateway bridge installed on our gateway, and from here data should be sent to MQTT broker, which will then be retrieved by our network server (installed on our cloud/server). Then why do we need a gateway bridge on our server? Did we misunderstand something, when we installed it on our server? If the Gateway bridge serve no function on the server, we should uninstall it

Gateway Bridge is not necessary in the cloud/server-side if you are running it on gateways. Our deployments use the gateway bridge only on the gateways themselves.


Makes perfectly sense. Will uninstall the gateway bridge on our server, as a precaution. Thank you very much for the fast response!

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