Gateway bridge, network server and application server in different hosts

Hello, Im trying to install every component in a different hosts, but after reading the documentation Im still not completely sure what else do I have to modify, first than all I istalled mosquitto in all the hosts, and set mqtt broker configuration in all the files

  # MQTT server (e.g. scheme://host:port where scheme is tcp, ssl or ws)

so I dediced the mqtt broker is gonna be the network server, so that one says localhost, and the bridge and app server says the network server ip address, server = “tcp://”

same with the public ip:port of the app server api

  # Public ip:port of the application-server API.
  # The port must be equal to the port configured by the 'bind' flag
  # above.

so I replaced localhost for the corresponding ip address.

theres another field Im not sure if I have to modify, which is the app server external api

  # ip:port to bind the (user facing) http server to (web-interface and REST / gRPC api)

but being honest Im not entirely sure if what Im doing is the right way to set every component in different hosts, and what else do I have to do to get it work, if any of you guys can help me a little bit I would appreciate it,