Gateway bridge on gateway / configration problem network server to application server

The problem that when I do not install the gateway bridge on gateway, and verify the ping (chirpstack gateway bridge, I can not see it receiving data from packet forwarder ( tested by ping) . on another side, when chirpstack installed on gateway, and verify receiving data, it seems work.

and based on what you comment " Choose one of them, not both, and configure bridge regarding your choice" . It seems a configuration problem, so what it the key configuration part that responsible on such things. the key configuration among all these component:

frome packet forwarder --> chirpstack-gateway-bridge --> chirpstack-network server --> chirpstack-application-server .

The packet forwarder is installed on the gateway itself.
suppose that chirpstack-gateway-bridge not on the gateway itself but on the laptop.
thus, what is the key configure 1 with 2.
cirpstack-network-server on the laptop.
thus, what is the key configure 2 with 3
chirpstack-application-server on the laptop.
thus, what is the key configure 3 and 4.

The gateway I use is multitech, and it is accessed to the internet by dhcp, and have an ip-address from the router 192.168. . .

pls help , I highly appraciate…

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I open a topic here … pls help



ping is not right utility for test it.

check your packet forwarder configuration
check your chirpstack components configuration files to listen proper ports and ip addresses to recieve data from your gateway packet forwarder.