Gateway couldn't be seen on ChirpStack

Hi dear all,

I am setting up the LoRa network with Laird Gateway RG186 + Ubuntu 18.04 + Redis 7.0.1. The application server, network server and the gateway bridge don’t show errors in the logs, and the Laird management page shows LoRa connected. But it shows gateway is never seen on ChirpStack application web, the device shows not activated with correct keys, and live lorawan frames never shows.

I connected the Laird and the server computer both to a router. What might be the reason for the problem? In the gateway bridge log it stops at “mqtt: connected to mqtt broker”.

Many thanks to your kind help!

Please see Connecting a gateway - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server for some debugging steps.

Many thanks! I changed the forwarder type to semtech and the gateway could be seen now. Laird doesn’t support mqtt for the new version of the ChirpStack. But inside the ChirpStack it is still MQTT server, will this matter? The message from the device is shown as ‘Unconfirmed’.