Gateway Coverage

Hello everyone,

I have a Gateway in my network with 5 km coverage. If I have another devices or sensor that is 10, 50, or 100 kilometers from my Gateway, do I need a GW for each device? So that the sensors can send their information to Laura Server?

What is the solution that I do not need to buy a gateway for each of my sensors?
For example, it used gateways registered in TTN to route packets to Laura Server, located in the cloud.

Thank you

I think the only answer that I can give you is that a device must be in range of a gateway. If you have devices that are lets say 100km apart from each other, then this could mean that you need a gateway for each device to provide coverage. In that case you might evaluate if LoRa is the right solution for you.


how about commercial network to use shared Gateway’s? like TTN or NB
If I register my gateway on a network like TTN or …, can I free myself from buying a gateway? Something like Claude.

If they provide coverage, then that could be an option. But I can’t answer the question if they provide coverage for all your device :slight_smile: