Gateway details, frames always 0

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 with the full Gateway OS image and a RAK 2245.
I have several LORA notes and everything seems to work just fine.
For some reason the Gateway details show frames received and transmitted 0 and no location is shown. (board has gps).
I have seen this topic before but never a solution.
There was a hint about a wrong date/time, date shows UTC, and I’m in Europe/Amsterdam. But I did not succeed yet in changing the timezone because all command I’m familiar at are not present in the image.

Can someone help?
Thank you very much,

no response, but for other readers I found the issue by digging into details.
When I created the Gateway in the Lora Server Dashboard I made up an ID, however you should lookup this ID in the following config file and use it when you create the Gateway.


"gateway_conf": {
    "gateway_ID": "b827ebFFFE1ff55d",