Gateway downlink issue


I started a few days ago with the implementation of this server (excellent work btw!), my setup is the following:

  • End-device: Arduino Mini Pro + RFM95W using Arduino LMI + ABP example code
  • Gateway: Sentrius RG191 with pre-installed gateway bridge.
  • Band: US_902_928

At the moment the uplink is working. I can see the data comming in the live frame logs of the node. However no downlink is presented, even no ACK.

I check the gateway tx data, using:

mosquitto_sub -t gateway/# -u user -p pass

But I only get rx and stats information. No ack or tx! Also I tried to publishing a message as the documentation suggests using

mosquitto_pub -t "application/1/node/0072ab66f0dfb87e/rx" -u user -P pass -h localhost -p 1883 -m "{"reference": "abcd1234","confirmed": true,"fPort": 1,"data": "aGVsbG8gbm9kZSE="}"

But again, no rx messages are detected by the gateway. I checked the server logs and apparentely the downlink queue is created. I attach an image with the log when I published in the rx topic.

Maybe is some problem with the gateway bridge, because I did not installed in the server, on the contrary I trusted in the Laird built-in gateway brigde.

Anyone dealing with the same issue? Please any guidance or comment are welcome!


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I guess you mean tx messages? Please note that downlink messages are not directly transmitted. When there is something in the queue, you need to send an uplink message first from your device.

The Laird LoRa Gateway Bridge should work fine.


Yes, I mean tx messages. The command that I used was:

mosquitto_pub -t "application/1/node/0072ab66f0dfb87e/tx" -u user -P pass -h localhost -p 1883 -m "{"reference": "abcd1234","confirmed": true,"fPort": 1,"data": "aGVsbG8gbm9kZSE="}"

I am using class A devices, so certainly I was expecting to receive the downlink after the uplink message, but nothings appears, and the gateway never get any message in the gateway/#/tx topic. So maybe there is something in between that is not working? or not correctly configured? How can I debug this issue?

Thanks in advance!